Vintage Celine Paris Macadam Print Coated Canvas Leather Unisex Crossbody Bag

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   ◦    Size: 25cm X 21cm x 7cm

    ◦    Condition: 7/10

    ◦    Flaws: the metal magnet that closes the bag shut is missing from the front strap of the bag (the connecting magnet that's attached to the bag is still intact, so a magnet can just be added to the front strap for it to fully function again) (pictured in the second and third last images) (does not effect the functionality of the bag too much as the bag still naturally closes

    ◦    Details: Made in Italy, features Celine branding engraving on the front buckles and a riri zipper on the inside of the bag

    ◦    Product Code: M92

    ◦    Retail: the modern version of this bag retails for $2350